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Dave called me back in response to my email. Good guy, I did not have a case he advised. Good website source and good real-life experience. Recommend Dave with 5 stars although we did not do actual business. read less

- Brett

I was facing life-altering charges. I had never been in trouble before and this charge could have ruined my life. Dave took my case and ran with it. He was aggressive and knowledgable. He knew what to address and what to leave alone. The final result was I was found not guilty, by a jury. The prosecutors were so confident in their performance. When the verdict came back, you could have cut the tension with a knife. I thanked God and Dave and got out of there. I would recommend his services to anyone that needs a pitbull in their corner.

- Melissa

David is an excellent attorney, very knowledgeable, professional, and extremely understanding. He has helped every step of the way and I strongly believe, he will continue to fight beside us

- Ken

Immediate response and exceptional communication, with a keen ability to see through the ambiguity of a police report. A knowledgable sense of justice is palpable, from this attorney. He works expeditiously with great attention to detail. Highly recommend.

- Annette

This attorney is one awesome litigator. My case was stacked against me and Mr. Carter totally destroyed the prosecutor's witnesses. I got a not guilty verdict. He is one tough attorney. Mr. Carter also worked with me on the fees. I would hire this guy in a heartbeat.

- Juan

I retained Mr. Carter Jr. immediately following our initial phone consultation. The knowledge and competency provided in that single conversation assured me that I had found the right attorney. Not only does David have extensive experience; he is genuinely invested and has sincere concern for his clients. This bulldog does not wait, but aggressively takes control of the situation at hand. Finding a top-notch attorney is a task in itself, but finding one who is fair and has reasonable rates is an entirely different undertaking. David Carter Jr. has proven to be the comprehensive package needed for my situation, and I fully recommend him for yours.

- Brittany

After contacting several lawyers in a couple of weeks, one conversation with David Carter let me know this was the right lawyer for my specific situation. Not only is he a great lawyer but very reasonable with costs and one that actually cares. He gave me great advice and I decided to hire him and was so happy I did. I couldn't imagine another lawyer representing me. I appreciated the knowledge he has, the fight in him, how he cares, how informative he is, and quickly he responds back when you contact him. One of the things that impressed me the most was that he set up a payment plan with me to pay fees and he never once mentioned money no matter how many times we talked. I also didn't feel like because he wasn't fully paid that he wasn't working hard for me. He got me the best result with the circumstances of my case and I know that if I ever need a lawyer to represent me again, I will only need to make 1 phone call to him. I am very grateful for David Carter.

- Shawn Kelley

David Carter is the most aggressive and conscientious attorney I have had the pleasure of meeting. I went through a couple of years where I was drinking more than I should and that inevitably led to problems with the law. Criminal legal proceedings are very stressful. The wrong attorney can make those proceedings even more stressful. So what (in my opinion) makes a good attorney? It is not enough that an attorney is smart, professional, or even connected. A successful attorney's ability to litigate your case to the least painful result hinges on hard work and a deep interest in the details of your case. They need to be responsive, attentive, and listen. If they do not listen they will miss details that could lead to an acquittal or at the very least provide leverage that allows them to push for a plea bargain that may minimize the pain of a conviction. David Carter is not only smart and hardworking he listens. He thoroughly reads reports and transcripts and he often finds the obscure details that allow an attorney to pick apart the State's case and secure an acquittal. In one case where David represented me, he so thoroughly discredited a Professional Expert Witness' (a Psychologist) testimony that she almost cried on the stand. While that may seem aggressive the bottom line is when you are facing life-changing consequences; that is not the time to be nice. It is a time to attack the information and witnesses against you with unrelenting interrogation. David is a fantastic trial attorney with a proven track record and he does not take a plea bargain simply to avoid trying a case. David always advises his clients what the best options are based upon the facts available and leaves no stone unturned in the search for information to best represent and protect his clients' interests. The bottom line for me is that I would not go to trial with any other attorney than David Carter nor would I allow any other attorney to represent my position to the court pre-trial. I will always be thankful for having met David Carter and consider his representation to have been a blessing during very bad times.

- Sean

I first met Mr.carter outside the courtroom after my initial court hearing. He was willing to represent me with only hearing little about my case. We met before each court hearing and had communication through email and phone conversations. I read his reviews on here and I knew u had a good lawyer at hand. I trusted him to take it to trial only to find out day before trial that CPS was withdrawing their petition. The courts were going solely on my past history...David believed in me from the beginning and walked me every step of the way. When I had questions he was honest and answered every last one. He spent time to put my case together I wish I would have had the opportunity to see him in action at trial, however, during my probable cause hearing he was tearing the allegations apart. He is definitely a good lawyer to have and I am one pleased client. He will work with a payment plan you just have to be honest with him. Thank you, Mr. carter and you'll forever be my guardian angel!!!!

- Lamont