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DUI & OWI Defense Attorney in Charlotte, Michigan

A DUI case can be one of the most stressful things you ever have to go through. Usually, if a cop pulls you over for a DUI it doesn't mean you're a criminal. You made a bad decision, but it shouldn't ruin your life. That's why you need the best DUI attorney you can find. You may have come across this page because you were searching for a "DUI lawyer near me" or for "DUI attorneys near me." You've come to the right place. David B. Carter Jr. Attorney at Law has a reputation as a tough and determined DWI attorney in the Mason, MI area. He'll step up to the plate to defend you when the going gets tough.

While many people just use the phrase "DUI" to describe any kind of impaired driving, there are actually multiple kinds of charges for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Michigan. There are two general categories of driving under the influence: "operating while intoxicated (OWI)" and "operating while visibly impaired (OWVI)." OWI cases involve a driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of over .08 percent. In contrast, you can get an OWVI without having any alcohol in your system whatsoever. Instead, a prosecutor just needs to prove that you were visibly impaired. In other words, driving at a level below the average driver. You need to hire a DUI attorney that will fight tooth and nail from your consultation until your case is resolved. You need Attorney David B. Carter, Jr.

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Finding the best DUI lawyer near me can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. What you need to do is find a DWI attorney who knows the rules around DUI cases. In addition, you need a DUI attorney who will apply those rules correctly in order to win your case. There are multiple rules that play into the outcome of your case. These include your BAC, whether this was your first DUI offense in the last seven years, or if you had been driving with a passenger under 16.

Hiring a DUI attorney that knows these rules and how to apply them can make the difference between paying a fine and going to jail. Did you know that you can serve up to 180 days in jail depending on some of these factors? On the other hand, you could end up paying a small fine and doing some community service. When you're presented with those two options, the necessity for the best lawyer you can find becomes abundantly clear.

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Attorney David B. Carter, Jr. has built his reputation as a DWI attorney over the last two decades. That means he has 20 years of experience defending people like you. He knows how to handle a DUI case. In addition, he's well-known throughout the Mason, MI area as a competent and dedicated DUI attorney. He's a graduate of the University of Michigan and the Detroit School of Law. Therefore, he's familiar with the legal community there. And it's important for your lawyer to know the other attorneys practicing in his area. Especially the prosecutors.

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Searching for the "best DUI attorneys near me" may have brought you here, but now you need to make a decision. Though this is going to be a stressful time for you, you don't need to go through it alone. Attorney David B. Carter, Jr. can help you win your case. You may found your way here after searching for the "best DUI lawyer near me" or the "best DUI attorneys near me." Well, you found him, and his name is David B. Carter Jr. Call him today for your free consultation, and get a DUI attorney that will fight for you.