David B. Carter, Jr.


More than 18 years of experience



David B. Carter Jr. Law Offices was founded in 1997 in Lansing, Michigan and is a full service law firm with a longstanding history of respected work obtaining success.

If you are a Michigan resident in need of legal assistance, we are the right firm for you. We handle a wide variety of different legal matters, and are well-informed so we can give you the successful and impressive results that you need. We cover divorce cases, estate planning legal issues, drug crimes, criminal appeals, DUI cases, and child custody issues. We are also able to handle car accident cases, domestic relations cases, landlord/tenant law disputes, will and trust issues, probate issues and personal injury litigation.

Our Mission:

Since our inception, our mission has remained consistent: To satisfy our clients’ legal needs in an expeditious manner with the highest degree of integrity and cost-efficiency.